Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dreaded - "Working Class Death" c45
After many complications, this things is finally together and ready to ship out. It was originally listed as a c-30 but while waiting for new screens, I recorded two new tracks. Six tracks in all, this cassette is Dreaded's first full length release. Dreaded's sound calls upon the gods of doom,drone, industrial, and harsh noise. Heavy, grim, and haunting - a dedication to those who have lost or are risking their lives everyday working in horrible conditions, trapped in a fruitless and life long struggle. The covers are silver ink on black card stock. $8.00 ppd.

Ride The Wave.

Welcome to the home of Waves of Decay.

Things are just kicking off with the first release:
Dreaded -"Working Class Death" c45. This is the second release under the Dreaded moniker, the first in over a year, and first full length release. While not flawless, I put a lot of effort into achieving a certain aesthetic with the audio and cover art. I aim to maintain the highest personal standard for each release. If money was not an issue, everything would be a double lp on 180 gram vinyl with a full color gatefold sleeve.

For some time now, Nathan (Coagulator/Tusco Terror) and I have been kicking around the idea of operating a label, but with his move to California, my busy school schedule and general lack of funds, it never materialized. However, being creatively silent for the past year has proven to be more frustrating than I could have imagined . Thus the label was born. Basically, it was created to serve as an outlet for personal material. However, there has been enough outside interest that I have reconsidered and will be releasing work from other projects.

The output will likely flow at a slow but steady stream. I am favoring quality over a towering catalog. My hope for the label is to release the darkest, heaviest shit this world has to offer.

Who Will Join Me?