The Skull Defekts - "Investigating the Skull of Daniel Spicer" c40 WD06
Skull Defekts - "Investigating the Skull of Daniel Spicer" WD06

This is the audio documentation of a metaphysical experiment conducted by Joachim Nordwall and Henrick Rylander in Gothenburg, Sweden. It begins with a solitary, gritty hum. Slowly, the sounds begins to fracture and multiply, encircling you. The results are hypnotic and numbing. It becomes difficult to focus and the body begins to slacken. The creeping tones begin to twist and writhe, ravaging the sanctity of your inner ear.  Somewhere in the 40 minutes of static worship and buzzing electronics, the collective sound becomes something more than electrical currents licking at the surface of your mind. It is an entity. Unyielding and possessive, it will not leave without taking something with it.  What are you willing to give and will it be enough? 

Black and gold ink on charcoal grey cardstock. 
Edition of 200.

Ryan Unks / Reuben Sawyer - c30 S/T WD07
Ryan Unks / Reuben Sawyer S/T WD07
The three D's at Waves of Decay: Doom, inDustrial and Drone. All of them are present here on this collaborative effort from the minds behind Human Quena Orchestra and Hollow Sunshine. Each side consists of 3 seamless tracks of hopeless abandon.

Side One opens with a trudging guitar riff, rolling in like a storm. Everything in its path turns to wreckage. It seems nothing can drown out the terrible sound of the shrieking wind. Suddenly, everything goes eerily calm. The nightmare is over as quickly as it came. But as one horror subsides, a new one presents itself; facing the misery of the aftermath. 

Side Two is filled with the sound of trembling belts and rattling machines. A factory floor, abandoned some time ago. Towering flames and clouds of waste tear open the heavens. For years, this place has been blackening the river with the poisions of industry. Slowly, the complex is crumbling, collapsing in on itself. It will all end soon. When the flames go out there will be nothing left to light the night sky. 

Purple ink on grey cardstock.
Edition of 200.

Demonologists -"Sermons of Death..." Tee

Silver  print on black  t-shirt. 
Please specify size in your order.

Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual" c42 WD05
Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual"
listen : ... ion-ritual

Two tracks of ultra negative and abrasive doom. Both sides take place within a cold desolate environment. On the title track Wicked King Wicker fills an icy vortex with filthy bass rumblings and disjointed guitar skree, accompanied by seriously demonic incantations. Someone is calling up some nasty vibes straight out 
of the cellar of the mental hospital. Did you forget about that fucking dirtbag lunatic they locked up down there 40 years ago? He's still down there it seems. "The Agony of Rebirth" immediately fills the 
barren atmosphere with intense molasses paced sludge and abysmal noise. A thick death haze that in rare moments, dissipates revealing an infinitely oppressive torment. A perfect example of self immolation 
and the inherent terror that comes with existing. Back to the hole with you. - NB

3 color silk screened covers and labels.
Limited edition of 200 - 75 red/125 black.
Red Edition is SOLD OUT.

Robe. - "Night Terror" dbl c60 wd03 $10 ltd 70

A monumental two hours of material on two 60 min cassettes. This is the sound of a primitive earth. No light or life to be found, just the constant chaos of the birthing planet . All that can be heard is the infinite slow rumble of land masses colliding beneath the sounding war horns as gods and demons lay their claims. It is a vast and cold landscape. This thing is hopeless from the start. Limited of 70