Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skin Graft, Robe., Demonologists releases now available.

three new tapes of midwest brutality. All inserts are hand screened front and back on card stock. Tracks for new and old releases are up at

Skin Graft - "Cleveland Death Portrait" c20  wd02 $7 ltd 100
More harsh and sickening filth executed beautifully by Wyatt. This is some of my favorite material. What I love about Skin Graft is that it always leaves me feeling slightly disturbed. There is definitely something unsettling about it. It is the embodiment of something real and sinister. Like a true crime novel, it simultaneously revolts and compels you. It pulls from the ugly, hidden side of human nature that we'd rather leave unseen, and he gets off throwing it in our faces. But, we don't turn away. And then we feel shame. 3 color insert.

Robe. - "Night Terror" dbl c60 wd03 $10 ltd 70
A monumental two hours of material on two 60 min cassettes. This is the sound of a primitive earth. No light or life to be found, just the constant chaos of the birthing planet . All that can be heard is the infinite slow rumble of land masses colliding beneath the sounding war horns as gods and demons lay their claims. It is a vast and cold landscape. This thing is hopeless from the start.

Demonologists - "Sermons of Death and Eternal Damnation" c30 wd04 $7 ltd 100
The shit is piled on thick here. Layers and layers of hiss and hell sounds. Imagine your every regret, horror, and disappointment simultaneously reawakened and compressed into two fifteen minute twin nightmares. It's a toxic shock of negative energy coursing through your consciousness. Now you must answer for your mistakes. The price will be great.  For fans of harsh blackened noise. Think Gnaw Their Tongues. Silver ink.

Add two dollars for first item and .50 for each additional item.
payments can be made via paypal to

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dirty Lords Demo '05 free download.

"We have been dormant for far too long. We will wake like a slumbering giant to reclaim our role as tyrants of the earth."

!Here is a FREE download of the out of print first DIrty Lords recording. This is raw freakout music. Heavily Influenced by Arab on Radar, Landed, Olneyville Sound System, Lake of Dracula and Boredoms. Originally released on Tusco Embassy in very limited quantities. Dig it! Members of Tusco Terror, Coagulator, Dreaded and Dwarf Whore.

If you find yourself bashing your face against your dashboard because you have just found your new favorite dose of ear torturing bliss, please contribute. All donations will ensure this thing finally achieving it's one true destiny: VINYL!  Your efforts will go towards your personal purchase. If you give $5 dollars or more, you will be thanked with a special edition release.