Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dreaded dbl cassette reissuing "Heavy Dread" and "The Blackening"

It looks likes things will be slowing down here for the remainder of the year with the holidays approaching. Many releases planned for the next year. I will be taking pre-orders for a dbl Dreaded cassette of two out of print releases. "Heavy Dread", originally released in 2008 on Tusco Embassy in an edition of 40, and "The Blackening" cassette released earlier this year on Cylindrical Habitat Modules. It will be remastered by James Plotkin and will be available in January of 2011. It comes in a pvc album with new screen printed 7 x 5 1/4 art work and art cards. Edition of 100. $9ppd.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trepaneringsritualen update.

The new cassette from Sweden's Trepanerinsgritualen will be available early 2011. This release will  include collaborative work from U.K. artist Black Mountain Transmitter and Chicago's own Locrian, as well as a number of other great projects from around the globe.

In related news, Black Mountain Transmitter has also agreed to do an upcoming release for Waves of Decay sometime next year.

In the meantime, check out the TRP cassette "Septentrional" on Hanson, and BMT cd edition of "Black Goat of the Woods" out now on Aurora Borealis.

Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual" c45

Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual"
listen :

Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual" c45 WDO5

Two tracks of ultra negative and abrasive doom. Both sides
take place within a cold desolate environment. On the title track
Wicked King Wicker fills an icy vortex with filthy bass rumblings
and disjointed guitar skree, accompanied by seriously demonic
incantations. Someone is calling up some nasty vibes straight out
of the cellar of the mental hospital. Did you forget about that fucking
dirtbag lunatic they locked up down there 40 years ago? He's still
down there it seems. "The Agony of Rebirth" immediately fills the
barren atmosphere with intense molasses paced sludge and abysmal
noise. A thick death haze that in rare moments, dissipates revealing
an infinitely oppressive torment. A perfect example of self immolation
and the inherent terror that comes with existing. Back to the hole with you. - NB

3 color silk screened covers and labels. Limited edition of 200. The first 75 are red cassettes and come with a mini screened poster of the cover art. The remaining 125 will be on white cassettes.

paypal :

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skin Graft, Robe., Demonologists releases now available.

three new tapes of midwest brutality. All inserts are hand screened front and back on card stock. Tracks for new and old releases are up at

Skin Graft - "Cleveland Death Portrait" c20  wd02 $7 ltd 100
More harsh and sickening filth executed beautifully by Wyatt. This is some of my favorite material. What I love about Skin Graft is that it always leaves me feeling slightly disturbed. There is definitely something unsettling about it. It is the embodiment of something real and sinister. Like a true crime novel, it simultaneously revolts and compels you. It pulls from the ugly, hidden side of human nature that we'd rather leave unseen, and he gets off throwing it in our faces. But, we don't turn away. And then we feel shame. 3 color insert.

Robe. - "Night Terror" dbl c60 wd03 $10 ltd 70
A monumental two hours of material on two 60 min cassettes. This is the sound of a primitive earth. No light or life to be found, just the constant chaos of the birthing planet . All that can be heard is the infinite slow rumble of land masses colliding beneath the sounding war horns as gods and demons lay their claims. It is a vast and cold landscape. This thing is hopeless from the start.

Demonologists - "Sermons of Death and Eternal Damnation" c30 wd04 $7 ltd 100
The shit is piled on thick here. Layers and layers of hiss and hell sounds. Imagine your every regret, horror, and disappointment simultaneously reawakened and compressed into two fifteen minute twin nightmares. It's a toxic shock of negative energy coursing through your consciousness. Now you must answer for your mistakes. The price will be great.  For fans of harsh blackened noise. Think Gnaw Their Tongues. Silver ink.

Add two dollars for first item and .50 for each additional item.
payments can be made via paypal to

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dirty Lords Demo '05 free download.

"We have been dormant for far too long. We will wake like a slumbering giant to reclaim our role as tyrants of the earth."

!Here is a FREE download of the out of print first DIrty Lords recording. This is raw freakout music. Heavily Influenced by Arab on Radar, Landed, Olneyville Sound System, Lake of Dracula and Boredoms. Originally released on Tusco Embassy in very limited quantities. Dig it! Members of Tusco Terror, Coagulator, Dreaded and Dwarf Whore.

If you find yourself bashing your face against your dashboard because you have just found your new favorite dose of ear torturing bliss, please contribute. All donations will ensure this thing finally achieving it's one true destiny: VINYL!  Your efforts will go towards your personal purchase. If you give $5 dollars or more, you will be thanked with a special edition release.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

" you asked for torture guitar... you'll get it." Wicked King Wicker added to upcoming releases.

I have been wanting to make this happen since I first heard their material a few years ago. They really embody the kind of material I want Waves of Decay to be known for. Now, if I could just get Sword Heaven to agree to a release....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's been a while since my last update. The Demonologist, Skin Graft, and Robe. masters are all in. The tapes are dubbed and everything is nearly ready to go. I am waiting on some screen printing supplies to finish the covers, which should be here any day now. Future releases in the works:
Black Mayonnaise
Outer Space
Coagulator - "Wedding Trough"
Andrew Kirschner- "A Season In Hell"
Dreaded / Dwarf Whore collab - "Short Comings"

Also, here is a link to an early review for the Robe. dbl cassette -

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dreaded - "Working Class Death" c45
After many complications, this things is finally together and ready to ship out. It was originally listed as a c-30 but while waiting for new screens, I recorded two new tracks. Six tracks in all, this cassette is Dreaded's first full length release. Dreaded's sound calls upon the gods of doom,drone, industrial, and harsh noise. Heavy, grim, and haunting - a dedication to those who have lost or are risking their lives everyday working in horrible conditions, trapped in a fruitless and life long struggle. The covers are silver ink on black card stock. $8.00 ppd.

Ride The Wave.

Welcome to the home of Waves of Decay.

Things are just kicking off with the first release:
Dreaded -"Working Class Death" c45. This is the second release under the Dreaded moniker, the first in over a year, and first full length release. While not flawless, I put a lot of effort into achieving a certain aesthetic with the audio and cover art. I aim to maintain the highest personal standard for each release. If money was not an issue, everything would be a double lp on 180 gram vinyl with a full color gatefold sleeve.

For some time now, Nathan (Coagulator/Tusco Terror) and I have been kicking around the idea of operating a label, but with his move to California, my busy school schedule and general lack of funds, it never materialized. However, being creatively silent for the past year has proven to be more frustrating than I could have imagined . Thus the label was born. Basically, it was created to serve as an outlet for personal material. However, there has been enough outside interest that I have reconsidered and will be releasing work from other projects.

The output will likely flow at a slow but steady stream. I am favoring quality over a towering catalog. My hope for the label is to release the darkest, heaviest shit this world has to offer.

Who Will Join Me?