Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual" c45

Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual"
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Wicked King Wicker - "The Destruction Ritual" c45 WDO5

Two tracks of ultra negative and abrasive doom. Both sides
take place within a cold desolate environment. On the title track
Wicked King Wicker fills an icy vortex with filthy bass rumblings
and disjointed guitar skree, accompanied by seriously demonic
incantations. Someone is calling up some nasty vibes straight out
of the cellar of the mental hospital. Did you forget about that fucking
dirtbag lunatic they locked up down there 40 years ago? He's still
down there it seems. "The Agony of Rebirth" immediately fills the
barren atmosphere with intense molasses paced sludge and abysmal
noise. A thick death haze that in rare moments, dissipates revealing
an infinitely oppressive torment. A perfect example of self immolation
and the inherent terror that comes with existing. Back to the hole with you. - NB

3 color silk screened covers and labels. Limited edition of 200. The first 75 are red cassettes and come with a mini screened poster of the cover art. The remaining 125 will be on white cassettes.

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