Sunday, February 27, 2011

All cassettes up at Aquarius Records...

including the Skin Graft , Dreaded and the Wicked King Wicker red edition cassettes. They have less than ten of each.They may still be available from Crucial Blast as well. My stash of Demonologists and Robe. cassettes has dwindled down to the last 5. If you have been holding out on any of these releases, this is your last chance to grab one.

New releases are on the way, including a Skull Defekts U.S. tour cassette. The band will have them for sale at their shows but if you can't make it out to one, they will be available to purchase through the Waves of Decay shop. It is limited to 200 copies.


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  2. Hi Ben. Could you please remove all audio samples and residuals of Reuben and I's failed release from the internet. It is fine if you want to repost the layout that you did for the tape, but please leave my name off of it. I essentially do releases so I can give physical copies to friends, and I was never even able to do that with this release. I am happy Reuben and I worked together on this but anything left online about this release would be pure fiction. Thanks. Ryan Unks.